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For everyone to enjoy emotional mastery that ultimately leads to betterment of self and improved quality of life

Our Company

Emotions Run Wild (ERW) empowers every individual with emotional mastery and emotional freedom.

We are Passionate about the people we meet and work with, and we are WISE about the things we do. Most importantly, we do all that Joyfully.

Most importantly, we Inspire Joy.

ERW brings out the COURAGE in people to live their lives Joyfully and Purposefully.

Our Founder – Mr Jones Liew

Jones, the Joyful Guy who promotes and instills JOY in people’s lives and bringing a SMILE to everyone’s face.

Jones Liew, the co-founder of Emotions Run Wild, believes in creating and having a joyful life in our limited time on this earth!

He is an optimistic, driven, funny and yet silly guy that ply his trades in the leadership training and Organisation development industry.

He has been serving the world as a highly trained trainer, facilitator and coach for both individuals and organisation in the past 13 years in areas like EQ, Leadership, Personal and Team Transformation and Performance and more.

As the main leader in Emotions Run Wild, Jones love to make people cry, laugh and get angry all in the name of development!

With his life motto of “Live with Passion, Make Dreams Happen and SMILE”, you bet your time with him will have you and your emotions run high and run wild!!!

The Work that we do

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ERW is started by Jones Liew, and his stand for the world is:

  • Everyone in this world deserves the chance and the right to live their lives joyfully and happily.
  • Regardless of race, ethnic, gender, nationality, status or whatsoever, treat one and another with respect and dignity.
  • Do your best to be a gift and be a light to the world and not be a burden and darkness to others.

Organizations we have served

Lauren Wan,
Founder and Lead Trainer
Passioneat Hospitality

“The first time I experienced the Emotions Run Wild Card Game I was impressed how it made some complicated conversations incredibly simple.
Immediately I incorporated it into all my leadership training sessions and what I love most about it is its ability to work effectively across many different cultures to break down barriers and spark open conversations.
From Seoul to Athens to Sydney every client I’ve played the game with has always remarked not only what a great tool for learning it is, but also how fun it is.
This has lead to many of them picking up their own sets to use regularly! “

Vivien Chong
Associate Partner in
Workplace Strategy and Change
Cushman & Wakefield

“The Emotions Run Wild card game designed by Jones is a great way for people of all ages to be more in touch with their feelings.
Emotional awareness is the first step to self awareness and personal growth, without which the process can be stunned or a person may be stuck in an emotional rut.
Take the first step towards personal growth in this fun and interactive game!"

Renu Kanapathy,
Senior Manager,
Learning & Development
Teledirect Pte Ltd

“In line with my theme of 'Learning through Gamification' at my organization's Learning Festival, I invited Jones to run a workshop on Happiness with the Emotions Run Wild Card Game.
And boy was it a good idea!The game brought out the fun in learning, it allowed for longer knowledge retention, and most importantly, learners enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
His story telling from the games had learners connect with him instantenously!One year down the road and staff still talk about the workshop and the game!
Worth the investment 100%!!!”

Daniel Huang
Physical Education Teacher
Dale Christian School

“The first time I played Emotions Run Wild was with my wife and extended family.
I found it a very enjoyable game that allowed us to discuss a variety of things regarding our responses to different scenarios.
It was also a good game to discover different perspectives and how by training our mind to consider other possibilities of dealing with a situation, which is definitely instrumental in increasing our emotional
A very versatile game that can be used in a fun family setting and also in leadership training sessions.”

Alicia Budihardja
Group Sales & Events Manager
The Lo & Behold Group

"Engaging, impactful, and fun! "Emotions Run Wild" card game was a hit during the Emotional Intelligence Workshop I recently conducted for my Sales & Events team.
This brilliant card game gave us a small taste of how it feels to judiciously identify and empathetically express our feelings, and it was truly transformational!
I highly recommend "Emotions Run Wild" to anyone looking for a fresh and innovative way to build and enhance their EQ!”

Emotions Run Wild
Card Game

This is a a light, fun and
easy to understand game.
Suitable for 12 years and above

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