Emotions Run Wild

Train EQ Skills in this 30-mins Fun Card Game

Play it Over Beers With Your Friends & Family To Feel A Fun Experience Yourself 🥳

Fun + Therapeutic

In One Simple Card Game

Emotions Run Wild © Card Game is a “scenario-based” card game where players create the most absurd stories to match emotions and situations to score points.

The whole idea is to expose players to more emotions so that they can become more creative and confident in telling their stories.

This is not your typical card game but a tool cleverly designed to let players learn Emotional Intelligence in fun and non-threatening ways.

Have Fun

With Your Emotions

Learn to have fun with your emotions and be comfortable in expressing your feeling in a given scenario. 

Expand your creativity in thinking and story-telling, particularly getting better in emotional expression and communication.

Train "EQ Muscle"

Through Play

Develop Emotional Awareness and learn other relevant lifelong skills to positively deal with your emotions for a better outcome in any real-life situation.

Instead of falling prey to “emotional hijack”, play to increase your emotional intelligence and enjoy emotional freedom!

Perfect Addition

To Any Gathering

Play this game with family, friends, or anyone you want to have a great time with and get the most out of the fun interactions!

Share funny stories, views and experiences in a playful atmosphere and spend quality time with people you love through this high-comfort gameplay.

Smart Tool

To Create Bonding

Parents may use this card game to help your children open up about their thoughts and feelings, and enter the “emotional world” of their youths in a less intruding way.

Help your kids and teens to increase their emotions vocabulary and empower them to take charge of their thoughts, emotions and actions.

Fun Experiences

From Our Players


Card Game Design

Throughout the game the players are trained to practice the “Pause”, “Choose”, “Act” model.

PAUSE at the given scenario and look through the cards in your hand then…

CHOOSE an emotion that is more suitable to that scenario and…

ACT accordingly by telling a story based on the chosen emotion.

This is one of the best EQ Awareness & Management skill sets that you can learn from the game and apply it in daily life!

Jones Liew

Founder of Emotions Run Wild

Everyone wants to be happy, everyone deserves to have a joyful life, but most don’t know how to achieve it – and the solution is Emotional Intelligence, that’s why I created Emotions Run Wild © Card Game.

A Game Perfect For

All Walks Of Life

Emotions Run Wild Card Game is truly a light and easy to understand game, suitable for everyone and anyone who wants to expand their emotional capacity!

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