Emotions Run Wild
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What is Emotions Run Wild ™ Card Game?

Emotions Run Wild™

An Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Based Card Game

Emotion Runs Wild™ is an interactive card game where players create the most absurd stories to match emotions and situations to score points

This game will keep you laughing non-stop while training your EQ skills at the same time.

It is a game that can be played over a beer with a group of friends or with grumpy grandpa at family gatherings.

And more than that, It can be used as an EQ training Tool in training workshop in business organisation or learning session in school and at home!

Emotions Run Wild ™ Card Game Explained

Listen to what Jones & His Friends has to say about the Emotions Run Wild Card Game!

Jones Explaining how to Play the Emotions Run Wild Card Game!

The Research Behind Our Work

“Know What Triggers Your Emotions!!”
Activity Worksheet

“Know What Triggers Your Emotions!!” Activity Explanation Deck

An Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) Based Activity

“Know what triggers your emotions!!” is emotional intelligence-based activity designed by Jones Liew, founder and creator of Emotions Run Wild card game

This activity focuses on the first step of emotional intelligence development, which is Self-Awareness.

By using the activity worksheet and the Emotions Run Wild card game, you will be able to embark on a self-discovery process of what is your emotional triggers in your daily life.

In just three simple steps, you can become what real-life scenarios will get you feeling happy, angry, sad, disgust or even surprised,

Purchase a set of Emotions Run Wild Card game and get the free download of the “Know What Triggers Your Emotions” activity explanation deck now. 

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“EMO YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS”, is originally a 2 hours face 2 face , in-person training workshop created and delivered by Jones Liew, founder and creator of Emotions Run Wild to create the awareness on the power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how we can leverage on emotions to create the success and happiness that we want.

“Emo your way to Happiness” training workshop is supposed to a private and in person training program conducted in a training room. However, due to the recent pandemic situation, Jones has decided to recently make it as an Online Training Course and make it available to public at this special promotion!

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