Are You Having Difficulty Expressing What is in Your Mind and Heart?

Are you afraid that what you say may cause more harm than good?

Are there situations or relationships that you know you need to salvage, but have been putting off because you don't know what to do?

If there is a “YES” to any of the above questions, you need


20th June 2020, Saturday
09:30am – 12:30pm
via Zoom (Online Meeting)

Join us for a 3 hour workshop to learn the art & skills to have the conversation that you know you need to have and also to start those you always wanted to have!!

Workshop Fee: SGD150.00 Per Participant

SGD80.00 Per Participant

Hurry!  There are only 20 17 spots left for the 20th June class!

What You Will Be Learning & Doing...

This is a training workshop, so do get ready to participate and do some work to gain the skillsets on how to have a Courageous Conversation with anyone and at anytime.

This workshop is designed for individuals who want to...

What People Say About Courageous Conversations...

The S.O.F.T.L.Y approach was well structured and allowed me to speak to my Father about a conflict that we had during Circuit breaker authentically and it also allowed me to engage him in a different way too. And it worked. I managed to have a form of reconciliation with my Father after that. Try it. Try the SOFTLY method. It’s worth a try. I benefitted from it. I am thankful for this coaching.
Malcom Chen
Re-Insurance Broker
The workshop was an eye-opener for me as I usually shy away from such conversations. I tend to get emotionally charged, resulting in undesirable outcome. However, through the S.O.F.T.L.Y method shared by Jones, and from his coaching, it has allowed me to take a step back and approach future conflicts by being grounded and calm. The tools had also allowed me to process my emotions, and dig deeper into my internal awareness. This Workshop has enlightened me and allowed me to learn more about myself. Highly recommended and thank you, Jones!
Winnie Fannon
Lady Boss - Momtreprneur
The session was a great and enlightening one. I learnt about what happened during conflicts and why there are conflicts and how to response to conflicts by having a courageous and authentic conversations by using S. O. F. T. L. Y. It definitely bring me to a deeper level of understanding my emotions and managing them better than before.
Sin Hwee

Workshop Trainer: Jones Liew

Using the power of Emotional Intelligence, Jones literally saved his own life from the struggles of dark times and depression. Today, he is an experienced corporate trainer, facilitator, and executive coach in areas of Leadership, Performance, Communication and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Known as the Emotions Expert, Jones’ training methodology integrates science-based theories including EQ-I, MMS Transformation Coaching, NLP, Habits of Mind etc. Over the last 13yrs, he has trained more than 4000 leaders from companies like Unilever, Abbott Laboratories, OCBC Bank, DBS Bank, Prudential Singapore, Singapore Armed Force, SingHealth Group, and many others both locally and across the regions.


20th June 2020, Saturday
09:30am – 12:30pm
via Zoom (Online Meeting)

Workshop Fee: SGD150.00 Per Participant

SGD80.00 Per Participant