Jones, the Joyful Guy who promotes and instills JOY in people’s lives and bringing a SMILE to everyone’s face.

Jones Liew, the co-founder of Emotions Run Wild, believes in creating and having a joyful life in our limited time on this earth!

He is an optimistic, driven, funny and yet silly guy that ply his trades in the leadership training and Organisation development industry.

He has been serving the world as a highly trained trainer, facilitator and coach for both individuals and organisation in the past 13 years in areas like EQ, Leadership, Personal and Team Transformation and Performance and more.

As the main leader in Emotions Run Wild, Jones love to make people cry, laugh and get angry all in the name of development! 😏

With his life motto of “Live with Passion, Make Dreams Happen and SMILE”, you bet your time with him will have you and your emotions run high and run wild!!!

Click below for a full detail of Jones Liew's profile. In a more professional way, of course.😉👍🏼