Inspire Joy and Releasing happiness in Businesses, Families and Lives

For everyone to enjoy emotional mastery that ultimately leads  to betterment of self and improved quality of life
Emotions Run Wild

Emotions Run Wild (ERW) empowers every individual with emotional mastery and emotional freedom.

We are Passionate about the people we meet and work with, and we are WISE about the things we do. Most importantly, we do all that Joyfully.

Training and Workshops

Emotions Run Wild (ERW) is a training and development company with the vision of creating emotional mastery and emotional freedom for every individual in the world, such that it ultimately leads to the betterment of self and improved quality of life.

Prelaunch Workshop

Both Young and Old had gathered together for an evening of fun, joy, laughter and even tears as they explore a journey on Emotions Run Wild!!

Family Bonding Fun

It Family Fun bonding Time!! It was amazing to see close 40 families from different ethnic groups, coming together for fun and loving session of playing the EMOTIONS RUN WILD Card Game.

Emotions Run Wild Card Game

This is a a light, fun and easy to understand game, suitable for 12 years and above.