About Emotions Run Wild

For everyone to enjoy emotional mastery that ultimately leads  to betterment of self and improved quality of life

Our Company

Emotions Run Wild

Emotions Run Wild (ERW) empowers every individual with emotional mastery and emotional freedom.

We are Passionate about the people we meet and work with, and we are WISE about the things we do. Most importantly, we do all that Joyfully.

Most importantly, we Inspire Joy.

ERW brings out the COURAGE in people to live their lives Joyfully and Purposefully.

Our Founder - Mr Jones Liew

Jones, the Joyful Guy who promotes and instills JOY in people’s lives and bringing a SMILE to everyone’s face.

Jones Liew, the co-founder of Emotions Run Wild, believes in creating and having a joyful life in our limited time on this earth!

He is an optimistic, driven, funny and yet silly guy that ply his trades in the leadership training and Organisation development industry.

He has been serving the world as a highly trained trainer, facilitator and coach for both individuals and organisation in the past 13 years in areas like EQ, Leadership, Personal and Team Transformation and Performance and more.

As the main leader in Emotions Run Wild, Jones love to make people cry, laugh and get angry all in the name of development!

With his life motto of “Live with Passion, Make Dreams Happen and SMILE”, you bet your time with him will have you and your emotions run high and run wild!!

The Work that We Do

ERW Prelaunch Workshop

Both young and old had gathered together for an evening of fun, joy, laughter and even tears as they explore a journey on Emotions Run Wild!!

Family Bonding Workshop

It Family Fun bonding Time!! It was amazing to see close 40 families from different ethnic groups, coming together for fun and loving session of playing the EMOTIONS RUN WILD Card Game.

ERW Soft Launch

After the pre-launch event and some final tweaking to the games itself, we are proud to declare that EMOTIONS RUN WILD card game is officially on sale!!

ERW is started by Jones Liew, and his stand for the world is:

  • Everyone in this world deserves the chance and the right to live their lives joyfully and happily.
  • Regardless of race, ethnic, gender, nationality, status or whatsoever, treat one and another with respect and dignity.
  • Do your best to be a gift and be a light to the world and not be a burden and darkness to others.

What People Say